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We would like you to read the following information below in order to familiarize yourself with our duties, limitations, and ways of working.

The following are some of the responsibilities of Jobsfiller.net:

Since we own and operate this website, our responsibility only extends to the content of the website, which includes an introduction to the job vacancy, employer information, job descriptions, salary information, allowances, compensation packages, as well as other benefits and application instructions. As a result, we would like to point out that we cannot be held responsible for anything on websites that are owned or maintained by others.

Information from third parties is subject to the following disclaimer:

Despite our best efforts, it is not possible for us to confirm that all third-party websites are fully functional. Please do not hold us accountable for any misleading, deceptive, unreliable, incomplete, false, or invalid information originating from a third party. So, please don’t charge us with any kind of violation. Third-party websites will probably have their own terms and conditions, privacy policies, disclaimers, and possibly more. We have no direct or indirect relationship with any third-party website that offers jobs directly to the public.

An alteration to website content by a third party:

Third-party content is something that belongs to them. They can use it as they wish. Jobsfiller.net denies responsibility or liability for any improvements or modifications performed by any third party to their website, page, link, or anything else they publish. Similarly, we do not work with any employer of any company. Hence, we are not involved in discussing any changes that may occur with those employers. The employer site is not covered by us, so any updates there are not under our jurisdiction.

Content updates to Jobsfiller.net:

We are the only owner of Jobsfiller.net, therefore, we retain all rights to change, update, add, or remove any and all texts or images that are available on the site. As a result, it is our legal responsibility to be accountable for our actions and for the content that we post. It does not take long for us to do so. As a result, it does not require us to make contact with our visitors via phone call, email, messaging, or another form of communication.

If a trademark, logo, or brand name is owned by a third party:

All trademarks, logos, and names of third-party companies or employers belong exclusively to their respective owners. There is no connection to this website with these third-party employers. It follows then that we are not allowed to recruit anyone through this website. We are only responsible for sharing the complete information which we believe is accurate and up-to-date.

Updating Jobsfiller.net:

All rights are reserved by us for removal, modification, and customization. We are free to post listings of job opportunities that are available to us as we see fit. There is no responsibility on our end to inform visitors in advance.

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